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November 21, 2023 · 5 min

Cryptotag Black Friday Sale 2023: level up your crypto security!

The season of savings is upon us, and Cryptotag is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated Black Friday Sale! Prepare to safeguard your digital assets with the industry's leading metal backup solution at unbeatable prices. In this blog post, we'll delve into the exciting details of our Black Friday campaign and provide you with links to local resellers so you can get your hands on Cryptotag's cutting-edge products with ease.

Why choose Cryptotag?

Cryptotag stands as a beacon of security in the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets and was one of the first to offer seed phrase storage products. As crypto and bitcoin enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of protecting your investments. Cryptotag offers a robust and reliable solution to secure your private keys and recovery phrases, ensuring peace of mind. Unlike other solutions, Cryptotag offers solid products without core parts that could come loose in case of some conditions such as heat, pressure, or corrosion.

Moreover, Cryptotag products are made out of titanium, providing you with a bulletproof material that can also withstand fires and heat up to 1665°C and 3029 °F. For more information on our testing methods, visit our Testing Facility.

The Cryptotag Black Friday deals

This Black Friday, Cryptotag is rolling out exclusive deals that you won't want to miss. Whether you're a seasoned crypto veteran or just entering the digital asset space, our discounts cater to all levels of enthusiasts. Stay tuned for jaw-dropping offers on our signature products, providing you with an unmatched level of security for your valuable assets. Visit the Shop page to start saving on your favorite seed phrase storage products.

Cryptotag's Black Friday sale: up to 40% off!

Seed Phrase Storage

  • Zeus: Discover the unparalleled durability and resistance of Cryptotag Zeus, designed to withstand fire, water, and other potential hazards. Ideal for beginners and seasoned users alike, Zeus has a storage capacity of 24 words and received a Triple A status in the independent Jameson Lopp tests.
  • Thor: For the veteran hodler. The Cryptotag Thor ensures a smooth onboarding experience and has a capacity of 48 seed phrase words. Comes with a hammer and letter stamp set.
  • Odin: If minimizing risk is your priority, the Cryptotag Odin is the perfect solution. Durable, compatible with wallets such as Trezor and Keystone, and as secure as ever, this Black Friday is the opportunity to grab this essential backup. Odin is available in a package of 3, 5, or 7 shares and is the first that was specifically designed for the 20-word version of a Shamir Backup (SLIP39).
  • Zeus Expansion Kit: Feel like diversifying your risk and keeping coins in multiple wallets? Then you need to back up multiple wallets. If the 24-word capacity of the Zeus is not enough for you, the Zeus Expansion Kit is a great way of storing 24 extra recovery words. Zeus Expansion Kit does not include the high-quality automatic center punch or the setup guide.
  • Thor Expansion Kit: If you need any extra storage capacity to back up your self-custody wallet, the Thor Expansion Kit is a great way to add multiple backups. Thor Expansion Kit has a capacity of 48 words, which is enough to back up 2 Ledger wallets and up to 4 Trezor wallets.

Hardware wallet bundles (Stack Packs)

  • Zeus + Nano X: The Cryptotag Zeus + Ledger Nano X Stack Pack forms a robust cryptocurrency storage setup, leveraging the durability of the Cryptotag's titanium plates for secure backup of the Ledger Nano X's hardware wallet seed, ensuring the utmost protection of digital assets against physical and digital threats.
  • Zeus + Model T: The Cryptotag Zeus bundle with a Trezor Model T forms a robust and versatile cryptocurrency storage solution. A Trezor Model T has a basic 12-word recovery seed, meaning you can back up 2 Trezor Model T's on a single Zeus.
  • Thor + Nano X: The Cryptotag Thor bundled with the Ledger Nano X creates a powerful duo for safeguarding cryptocurrency assets. With Cryptotag's indestructible titanium backup and the Ledger Nano X's advanced hardware wallet features, this combination provides a secure and resilient solution for storing and managing digital currencies.
  • Thor + Model T: Thor is for the multi-wallet hodlers. The Cryptotag Thor + Trezor Model T bundle provides you with a virtually indestructible seed backup that meets the advanced hardware functionality of the Model T.
  • Odin 3 + Model T: Meticulously crafted from premium materials, Odin offers an advanced solution for safeguarding your digital assets. The Stack Pack containing a Cryptotag Odin 3 + Trezor Model T is a must-have for every hodler that leaves nothing to fate. Level up your security game with the Cryptotag Odin. Never stress about having a single point of failure anymore.
  • Odin 5 + Model T: Care to have more shares in place than the standard of 3? The Cryptotag Odin 5 + Trezor Model T bundle has got your back! Easily set the total shares and threshold to your preferences when setting up your SLIP-39 wallet.
  • Odin 7 + Model T: The Cryptotag Odin 7 is a game-changer for Trezor users seeking ultimate security through Shamir Backup. With its innovative design featuring 7 shares, this titanium marvel empowers users with a resilient and distributed approach, enhancing the protection of their Trezor wallets across multiple trusted locations. Get the Cryptotag Odin 7 + Trezor Model T bundle here.


  • Hodl Light: The Bitcoin Hodl Light is a stylish and secure way to display your commitment to long-term Bitcoin investment. Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring a sleek design with built-in LED lights. Set custom color scenes, pick from over a million colors, and connect the Bitcoin Hodl Light to smart home devices.
  • Stack Sack: The Cryptotag Stack Sack is a sophisticated leather case for stylish storage of essential metal backup plates. Crafted with quality materials, it provides both protection and an elegant way to organize and carry your Cryptotag products. The Stack Sack is designed for Zeus and Thor.

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Prefer to shop locally?

To make your Black Friday shopping experience seamless, Cryptotag has partnered with trusted local resellers across the globe. Click on the links below to find the nearest reseller in your region and take advantage of the exclusive deals:

The Black Friday deals are in high demand, and stocks with resellers are limited. Don't miss the chance to fortify your crypto security at unbeatable prices. Act fast and secure your Cryptotag products before they run out!

Cryptotag's Black Friday Sale is a golden opportunity to elevate your crypto security game. Head over to the Shop page and pick your desired solution.

Embrace the savings, explore our top-notch products, and take advantage of the exclusive deals that are also available through our trusted local resellers. Don't let this chance slip away – safeguard your digital assets with Cryptotag, where security meets innovation. Happy shopping!

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