About us

We are a crypto security company from Amsterdam. We believe cryptocurrencies and blockchain will make our society a better place.

That’s why we want to contribute to the community. For this reason, we produce high quality products that enable people around the world to be their own bank.

Our principles

HODL first

Our products and services are built to enable people around the world to manage their own personal finance and security. We believe in sovereign individuals that need to secure their personal data in the long term.

This principal is the core in all our processes and decisions. That is why we make products that are built to secure personal data in the long term.

  • Enable HODL now
  • Enable HODL for long term <10-30Y
  • Be safe as possible
  • Not dependent on tech

Be Your own Bank

This is the second principal the CRYPTOTAG team lives by. All the solutions we develop cannot go against this crypto rule.

We do not want to have the power to control your funds. In other words: We do not want to be your bank. Our customers always hold their own keys.

Blockchain agnostic

We are blockchain neutral towards projects that are intrinsic good and want to leave a positive footprint in the world. We believe crypto will make the world a better place and we believe competition will bring innovation in the community and society.

So we think all people that want to contribute in their own way should be applauded. We do not believe in tribalism, because we have seen that it is holding the crypto community back.

Last line of defense

We are a security company. Our customers count on us to be there when all the other layers of security, like hardware and software layers, fail.

That’s why we do not make any compromises when developing our solutions. We take our customers’ legacy very serious. Some people might think we go overboard sometimes, but we want the best and safest experience for our customers.