Extreme Cold


Testing methods:

Blacksmith fire
Open fire
Closed fire


Our products are tested under extreme conditions, so that you get the best

CRYPTOTAG is tested in temperatures up to 1665°C and 3029 °F

Designed with love

All components have been carefully selected to work together for the best results

Influenced by:

Aviation and racing industry
Metal workers

Quality obsessed

Built by professionals

We take your legacy very serious. That is why we keep improving our products.

Stress free

Sleep well, knowing your funds are safe

Stress testing:

Pneumatic hammer
Profile bending
Metal roller
High pressure testing

Hit 'm up

Reach those ATH's safely

Crypto Armor

Tested with:

Barreta 9MM
Glock 9MM
CZ Scorpion SMG

Firing distance: 10 meter

Bullet Stopping Power