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Troubleshooting Hodl Light Bitcoin


Make sure you follow all these steps below if you are experiencing connection issues.

If not, please carefully follow all the steps in the tutorial to make sure you haven't missed a step.

Make sure both WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled on your phone. 

  • Make sure the Hodl Light is positioned as close to the router as possible.
  • In case the WiFi signal in your room is not strong enough, you can use a WiFi amplifier.
  • Make sure your phone is connected to the WiFi network you are trying to connect to in the app.
  • When opening the Tuya app for the first time, you have the option to block certain permissions of the app. If you did not grant all permissions, the Tuya app will not be able to access your WiFi automatically.

In this case you have to enter the Wifi name manually. Make sure you didn't make any typing mistakes. Check for spaces before and after the WiFi name and case sensitivity issues.

For example:

WiFi name = Satoshi WiFi home

WiFi password = Hodling4Life

Make sure the letters S – W – F in the Wifi name and H - L in the WiFi password are capitals

Check if the Wi-Fi password you entered is correct. Check for spaces before and after the Wi-Fi password and case sensitivity issues.

If you are using iOS, please make sure you have granted location permission and Bluetooth permission of the App.

If you are using Android, please make sure you have granted nearby devices permission, location permission and Bluetooth permission.

Contact us via our customer support chat or email us: [email protected]

Please include the following if applicable:

  • Phone model and version
  • OS version
  • Modem information:
  • Video and print-screens

This information above helps us to reproduce the problem and fix it fast. Thanks!