Shipping exceptions

The CRYPTOTAG will be shipped to all countries. There are, however, a number of countries where the shipping of our product entails more risk. Customs can delay the shipping, fail to deliver the package, and/or they may add extra costs.

If you live in the following countries, please note we have adjusted the shipping conditions:

What does this mean for you:

  1. Shipping fee is 29,50 Euro
  2. We are not responsible for any costs and we cannot reimburse the product if it fails to deliver. If the product is returned to us, you will get your money back minus the cost we made. These costs are approximately 80 Euro, but will be determined afterwards.
  3. In the above countries you often pay import duties and taxes. The amount varies per country. This is between 0 and 100 euros. These import duties and taxes must be paid by you and we are not responsible for this. If you refuse to pay these costs, the package will not be released by customs. Click on this link to see the import duties.

We will do everything we can to deliver the product and we always add the correct documents to the package.