CRYPTOTAG - Expansion Kit

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Do you need more storage? No worries, you can buy the Add on plates separately, so that you can backup more wallets. 

One Add on pack includes two plates that enable you to store 48 recovery words. 

That enables you to backup:

  • 2x Ledger Nano S/X
  • 2x Trezor 
  • up to 4x KeepKey
  • all other BIP39 based Hardware Wallets

What is the Expansion Kit?

The Expansion Kit is an add-on for the Starter Kit. The Starter Kit contains all components to create the virtually indestructible backup. There are two CRYPTOTAG plates in the Starter Kit. With this you can make a backup of two Ledger Nano wallets or two Trezor wallets (and most other wallets that are on the market and also use BIP39 protocol)

If you have more than two wallets, you can easily order extra CRYPTOTAG plates via the Expansion Kit. The Expansion Kit consists of two titanium CRYPTOTAG plates with space for 2 x 24 words. With one Expansion Kit you can make a backup of two Ledger Nano or two Trezor wallets

You can share the Starter Kit with friends and family, so that they only have to order an Expansion Kit.

Multiple backups

The CRYPTOTAG is made of titanium and each CRYPTOTAG consist of 2 plates. On every CRYPTOTAG plate you can engrave 24 words. This means that you can engrave a total of 48 words on each CRYPTOTAG. The Ledger Wallet and Trezor use 24 backup words as standard. This means that with one CRYPTOTAG, you can make a backup of two wallets. If you have more wallets, you can easily buy extra CRYPTOTAG plates (see Expansion kit)

Your crypto currency wallet uses a standard called BIP39. This protocol uses backup words that consist out of three to eight letters. The first four letter combinations are unique and sufficient to recover the full word. In simple terms: you only need the first four letters of each word.

Most of the wallets only ask you for the first four letters and automatically fill in the rest of the letters. This is why you only have to engrave the first four letters on the CRYPTOTAG and not the entire word.

To see the full BIP39 word list, click here

Specifications Expansion Kit

Dimensions Expansion Kit14.4 x 3.8 x 0.9 cm
Weight of Expansion Kit400 gr
Dimensions CRYPTOTAG (two plates)11.3 x 6.8 x 0.6 cm
Weight CRYPTOTAG277 gram
Number of plates


Number of backup words48 words (2 x 24 words)
Heat resistence1660 °C
Compatible withLedger Wallet, Trezor, Keepkey, Jaxx, Bitcoin Wallet, and many more

NOTE: we strongly advise you not to use the Extra plates without the Starter kit

The only way to perfectly engrave your recovery seed

CRYPTOTAG - Starter Kit

€ 169.99

The Starter Kit

The CRYPTOTAG Starter Kit is developed to store your recovery seed in the most accurate and safe way there is. The patented system consists of all the components that you need to store your crypto in one complete package.