CRYPTOTAG - Expansion Kit

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Do you need more then two CRYPTOTAG plates that are included in the Starter Pack? No worries, you can buy the Add on plates separately, so that you can backup more wallets. 

One Add on pack includes two plates that enable you to store 48 recovery words. 

That enables you to backup:

  • 2x Ledger Nano S/X
  • 2x Trezor 
  • up to 4x KeepKey
  • all other BIP39 based Hardware Wallets

NOTE: we strongly advise you not to use the Extra plates without the Starter kit

The only way to perfectly engrave your recovery seed

CRYPTOTAG - Starter kit

€ 169.99

The Starter Kit

The CRYPTOTAG Starter Kit is developped to store your recovery seed in the most accurate and safe way there is. The patented system consists of all the components that you need to store your crypto in one complete package. 
The content of the Starter Kit:

  • Two CRYPTOTAG plates
  • Mjölnir, The hammer
  • An anvil
  • Letter bits from A to Z
  • A bit holder
  • Earplugs
  • Matches