What is a CRYPTOTAG?

With the CRYPTOTAG you can make a backup of your wallet, such as the Ledger Wallet, Trezor and KeepKey. CRYPTOTAG is a premium backup system. We enable people around the world to keep their crypto safe and to Be Their Own Bank

During the development of the CRYPTOTAG we have been influenced by goldsmiths, metal workers, the aviation industry and old engraving techniques. These influences are visible in the components included such as the hammer, punching letters, anvil and the use of titanium.

We have created the first and only premium backup solution that handles extreme circumstances like no other. Temperatures up to 3050 °F, corrosion and extreme pressure are no problem. Extreme tests have been carried out on the product, and the 6mm thick Titanium is literally bullet proof.


Why use a CRYPTOTAG?

If your wallet breaks down, is erased or lost, you have to use your recover phrase to recover your coins. When you create a new wallet, you get a backup phrase. This sentence consists of 12 to 24 words. This depends on the type of wallet. It is not safe to email these words to yourself or to store them digitally in another way, because your words can then easily be stolen.

Your wallet will indicate that you must write the words on a sheet of paper. This is safer than storing your words digitally, but water, condensation, heat and age can pose a real danger. With the CRYPTOTAG you store your backup words in virtually indestructible titanium. You can be sure that your backup words are still easy readable after 1, 5 or 25 years.


Why the hammer?

The stamping hammer is selected to work seamlessly with the rest of the components. We have been testing a lot of different hammers and techniques and we have selected the best one to be in our package.


The backup words of my wallet have more than 4 letters. Do these words fit on the CRYPTOTAG?

Your crypto currency wallet uses a standard called BIP39. This protocol uses backup words that consist out of three to eight letters. The first four letter combinations are unique and sufficient to recover the full word. In simple terms: you only need the first four letters of each word.

Most of the wallets only ask you for the first four letters and automatically fill in the rest of the letters.

To see the full BIP39 word list, click here



I have two left hands. Is it still easy for me to stamp the letters into the CRYPTOTAG plates

Yes it is. We have been carefully selecting the right components to ensure easy usage as well the best engraving into the titanium plates. Everything in the package is designed to work together.


How many backups can I make with the CRYPTOTAG Starter Kit?

The Starter Kit has a storage capacity of 48 words. It depends on your cryptocurrency wallet how many wallets you can backup. Some use 12 words and other 24 words. The most hardware wallets use 24 words, so that would mean you can back up two wallets with one Starter Kit.


I have more than two wallets. Can I buy extra CRYPTOTAG plates to make extra backups?

Sure thing! You can buy the CRYPTOTAG Expansion Kit and extend your storage capacity with 48 words per Expansion Kit.


Can I use the CRYPTOTAG plates without the CRYPTOTAG Starter Kit?

We do not recommend it. We have extensively tested our method, and we guarantee the best result with the Starter Kit. If a friend or family member already has a Starter Kit, you can of course borrow it from them. In this case you only need to order an Expansion Kit


Can’t I just use my own hammer?

We do not recommend it. The many tests we have done have shown that the hammer we supply provides a sublime stamp result. The average hammer that people have at home are not sufficient.


I stamped the wrong letter in the plate. What now?

We have designed our product so that improper stamping is prevented as much as possible. But mistakes are human and we understand that. If you have made a mistake please contact your point of sales and we will make sure you are compensated correctly.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes we do ship globally. Select your country during check out and your CRYPTOTAG will be on the way soon.


How long will it take before I get my CRYPTOTAG?

After you place an order we will provide you with a track and trace link, so that you can follow your package. We and our shipping partners do our best to get your product to your doorstep as fast as possible. The estimated delivery time can be found on this page.


How much are the shipping costs?

We have a standard rate for international shipping. We only use leading companies such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and DPD. The rate is 15 euros per shipment.


Do I have to pay import duties?

In some cases your parcel is checked by customs. They will check if any import duties are necessary in your country. If there are duties on our product the percentage is often below 3%. But for some countries this is unfortunately higher. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding customs.

Can I pay with Bitcoin?

Yes of course. We enable our customers to HODL but also spend their Bitcoin.


Can I safely pay by credit card?

Yes of course. Our secure payment provider Mollie enable our International customers to pay with credit card.


I cannot pay with credit card, what is going on?

We have enabled 3D secure for all credit card payments. This means that your credit card company determines by different algorithm whether your purchase fits within your profile. If your credit card company finds the purchase suspicious, they can ask for a PIN or password. In most cases this will not be the case, but sometimes this does happen. If you do not know what your PIN or password is, then you should contact your credit card company.

Most credit cards have 3D secure. If your credit card does not have 3D secure, unfortunately you cannot pay with your credit card. In this case, we recommend choosing a different payment option, such as Paypal. Or contact us via chat or info@cryptotag.io. Then we can help you with this.


Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes of course. Our secure payment provider Mollie enable all our customers to pay with Paypal.


Can I pay with SOFORT Banking?

Yes of course. Our secure payment provider Mollie enable our customers from Germany and other supported countries to pay with SOFORT Banking.


Can I pay with Giropay?

Yes of course. Our secure payment provider Mollie enable our German customers to pay with Giropay.


Can I pay with IDEAL?

Yes of course. Our secure payment provider Mollie enable our customers from Holland to pay with IDEAL.


Can I pay with Bancontact?

Yes of course. Our secure payment provider Mollie enable our customers fro Belgium to pay with Bancontact.


Can I return my CRYPTOTAG?

You have the right to cancel your order up to 14 days after receiving the product and without giving any reason, provided that the product has not yet been used. If the product is used or damaged, you cannot return the product.


How do I return the CRYPTOTAG?

Fill out this Withdrawal Form and email it to: return@cryptotag.io

What's a private key?

A private key is probably the most important information in crypto. Without your private key you cannot access your crypto. You can compare it with your PIN of your bank card. If you have forgotten your PIN or if you have lost your bank card, you can call your bank. Then they will send you a new PIN or a new bank card and you will regain access to your money.

In the case of a private key there is no such thing as a bank or other organization that can help you to regain access to your funds. If you lose your private key, you cannot call anyone for help and you will lose your coins forever.


What's a recovery phrase/seed?

Recovery words, recovery phrase, backup phrase, recovery seed. These are used interchangeably, but mean about the same. A recovery phrase is used by crypto wallets like Ledger Nano and Trezor. These phrases usually contain between 12 to 24 words.

Compared to a private key, a recovery phrase is easier to read for humans. But the most important thing is that the use of a recovery phrase enables crypto wallets to store multiple private keys with one recovery phrase. 

For example: you own Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. Each coin has its own private key. If you store all these coins on one hardware wallet, you do not have to save the private key of all these coins. You only have to save the recovery phrase of this hardware wallet. So if your hardware wallet gets erased, lost or broken, you can restore this hardware wallet with your recovery phrase and then you automatically have access to the private keys of all these coins.


Where do I hide my CRYPTOTAG?

The CRYPTPTAG can handle extreme circumstances really well, so you can hide it where ever you want. 


I lost my CRYPTOTAG. Can you help me get my coins back?

We do not store any of your coins and we do not hold any of your keys. So we cannot help you recover your funds.


I am afraid my CRYPTOTAG gets stolen. How do I keep it safe?

We design and produce products that enable people to be their own bank. We do not tell you what to do with your digital assets and how to store them.


Can’t I just use my own hammer?

We do not recommend it. The many tests we have done have shown that the hammer we supply ensures a sublime stamping result. The average hammer that people have at home are not sufficient.