We got your backup

Your crypto recovery seed and private keys forever stored in pure Titanium.

Compatible with Ledger, TREZOR, KeepKey, Jaxx, Exodus and more.

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Space grade Titanium

Maximum protection for your private keys and recovery seed.
Safe moon landing guaranteed.

Fire proof

Up to 1665°C


Corrosion and Erosion Resistant


Bullet stopping power


Introducing the CRYPTOTAG

The perfect companion

In case your trusty hardware wallet gives up. CRYPTOTAG has your back!

  • Backing up:
  • 2x Ledger
  • 2x TREZOR
  • 4x KeepKey

Hammer time

Get set up in no time! Perfectly engrave your private key in the titanium with a few simple hammer strokes.

Four simple steps

  1. Place the CRYPTOTAG Plate in the Anvil.
  2. Place the Bit Holder on the row you want to enter your recovery words.
  3. Place the Bit with the correct letter inside Bit Holder.
  4. Hammer time! Give the Bit a smash with the hammer to perfectly engrave the letter, forever in Titanium.

* All required items are included with the CRYPTOTAG.

Your legacy is priceless

Secure it in style.

Full package

If you buy the CRYPTOTAG, all required items to get started are included in the package.

1x Hammer
26x Letter Bits (A-Z)
1x Bit Holder
2x CRYPTOTAG plates & Holding Clips

* Max 5 sets per order
1x Anvil

The weight of the hammer, the shape of the anvil, the design of the bit holder and the plates all have one common goal. That goal is; securing your information flawlessly with one product.